The Crady’s make an excellent Mr. and Mrs. Claus!  For many years, they have been coming to our school and each visit is a delight.  They are professionals and have a heart-felt love for children.

Alan Morrison, Assistant Principal - Meyer Elementary, Spring ISD


For the past two years I have had the pleasure of working with the Crady’s for “Photos with Santa.”

Their love for children puts the students at ease and that results in an awesome photo experience.  I believe that’s saying something when you are taking approximately 250 photos over a 3 hour period.

Ms. Torres - PTO Volunteer


Meg and Charlie have been doing Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus for our family reunions for almost 20 years now.  It is the highlight of the day for all the children, and I must say the adults too!  Our family reunions are quite large (80 plus people), and everyone meets the first Saturday of every December at the “old home place” to kick off our Christmas season.  Mr. and Mrs. Santa have arrived in limousines, convertibles, and once on the side of the dirt road where we picked them up on our hay ride.  Mrs. Claus told the kids their reindeers had dropped them off because they saw a field with reindeer food in it!  By the time we were at the home place, there were 2 kids on each lap and others just wanting to touch them.  The kids love to touch them!


Mrs. Claus gets everyone into the spirit with her funny wit and accent that I can’t explain….you just have to hear and see it.  Santa takes time to talk with each child about their year, what they want, etc.  The babies usually cry, but we have had a few that look at him with wide eyes in wonder. And since they have been coming for so long, they know the adults and always take time to visit with them too. 


We have come to expect this Mr. and Mrs. Claus because a substitute would be an imposter.  My children once were the little ones, and now their children are the little ones sitting on Santa’s lap each year.  It’s always a fun time to see even the grown up kids still going to sit on Santa’s lap and visit with Mrs. Claus.  We have two special ones that are now in their 20 and 30’s who still get their picture with Mr. and Mrs. Claus.  And my mother who is 90, still gets her time with them too!  In short, we have a history with Meg and Charlie as our Santa and Mrs. Claus that is one we cherish.  I truly can’t imagine our reunions without them.

Denise Bowden


Our annual family reunions held in December each year would not be the same without the traditional visit from Mr. and Mrs. Claus.  They take the time to individually address each child not only about what they want for Christmas, but to just listen to what they have to say.  They allow time for anyone that wants pictures taken too.  It's a delight to see how much joy they bring to the children and their parents.  Meg and Charlie have been doing this so long for our family that the parents were once the kids they used to visit.  And those parents wouldn't want anyone else to be there for their children at our reunion.  It's something everyone looks forward to each year.

Kathleen Alsup  


Mr. and Mrs. Claus have been coming to our family Christmas for 15+ years!  I remember the first time I saw them.  He looks just like what I had imagined Santa to look like....tall, regal and a real beard and Mrs. Claus is his perfect complement.  They are wonderful with all ages of children, and are always funny and able to think on their toes when someone doesn't want to cooperate.   From infants to adults, everyone wants to sit on Santa's lap.  I feel so lucky for my children to have grown up with them coming to our Christmas party and delivering gifts.  They are a treasure to our family and have brought us amazing family memories.  We are blessed that they agreed to come all those years ago and now are part of our family......We love Mr. and Mrs. Claus (Meg and Charlie).

Amy Heer




 A Christmas celebration is never complete without a visit from Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus. Charlie & Meg have been the Guest of Honor and the Highlight of our Christmas parties for more than 15 years! Not only have they celebrated with our children, but are now part of our Grandchildren's Christmas tradition as well. We have never had a Christmas party without them. Thank you, Meg and Charlie, for giving our friends and family memories that will last a lifetime! 

Greg, Louise & Gatlin Holden

RMH_161206-181 (2).jpg

“Charlie and Meg are the best Mr. and Mrs. Claus ever.  John Daugherty Realtors brings them to the Ronald McDonald House every year for a holiday celebration for the resident families.  The moment they enter the room, you can feel the magic, and they patiently take time for each and every child.  The smiles on the children’s faces are the best reward.” ­

 Agatha Brann - John Daugherty Realtors


Jersey Village Fire Department had the pleasure of having Santa and Mrs. Claus serve our Fire department for 10 years. They provided such a wonderful experience to the citizens of our community and all of the young children. Just to see the smiles on the children's faces was worth every moment of having them share their experience with us! It always felt like a magical moment in time to bring joy to our community! They truly embodied the spirit of Santa and Mrs. Claus! We will always be grateful to them for their service!

Mark Bitz - Fire Chief / City of Jersey Village Fire Department